April 2012

open road

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. 

- Albert Einstein

Two items of note this month.

1. Our updated ADV Part 2 disclosure document is available for download on our website. This annual amendment occurs each year at this time.

2. We have decided to use a new service to share files with clients. In the past we used a free Dropbox account. Beginning April 1st we will start using ShareFile to exchange confidential documents. It is easy to use and can be accessed directly from our website. It also does not require clients to open an account as was the case with Dropbox. Existing clients can continue to use their Dropbox accounts but existing Shared folders will be discontinued on April 15th.

Supercommittee Failure Sets Stage for Election Year DebateThe Deficit Reduction Supercommittee was charged with finding ways to reduce the federal deficit by at least $1.2 trillion, but ultimately announced it was unable to reach an agreement. That failure to reach a compromise effectively means any solution will depend largely on the results of the coming election. More Details

Non-Equity Alternatives to Rock-Bottom YieldsAs interest rates have fallen to record lows and stayed there in recent years, the yield on your savings may be stuck in neutral. For those who need something more than 2% 10-year Treasury yields and who can handle the additional risks involved, there are alternatives that could potentially boost overall yield.

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Asset Protection Strategies Beyond InsuranceOften, the simplest way to protect your assets is by shifting the risk to an insurance company. But insurance may not provide all the protection you need, so it's wise to consider other strategies that may help you protect your hard-earned assets and wealth.

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What is an e-closing?
An "e-closing" refers to a real estate closing process where the parties to the transaction (e.g., sellers, buyers, brokers, and attorneys) can access closing documents online so that they can be reviewed and electronically signed prior to the actual closing date. More Details

My office has gone paperless. How do I go paperless at home?
Since the start of the computer age, business offices have been going paperless because it saves time, space, and money; it's easier to stay organized; and there's less impact on the environment. So, how can you go paperless at home? Here are some tips.  More Details

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